The recent vote on the Proposed Covenant Change of requiring 55% of the total votes cast in the affirmative in order to pass a covenant change was announced as passed.  There were 231 votes returned with 153 votes in favor of the Proposed Covenant change  The Board was advised by the Covenant Committee that 66% was the percentage number to be used in calculation of the current 2/3rds or more of the total votes cast in order to determine whether or not the Proposed Change passed.  Moving forward with this information, we would need 153 affirmative votes to pass the change.  Thus the announcement that this change had passed.

After reviewing the past records, the Board determined that in fact we needed to use 67% in the calculation.  This would mean that we needed 154 affirmative votes in order to pass the Proposed Covenant change.  Again, after review and realizing that 154 affirmative votes were needed in order to pass, the Proposed Covenant change was one affirmative vote short of passing.  We regret the confusion and would like to point out that even though this change has failed, the ballots returned were very close to a 2 to 1 margin in favor of the change.

This Board is trying very hard to be open and transparent with the total operation of our campground and this is a prime example of this Board making decisions, sometimes hard decisions that are the right ones to make.  The Board of Directors would like to thank all owners for your participation.

Work Camper Needed:

Board of Directors 2015

William Maxwell – President

Kenneth Killgo – Vice President and

Architectural Comm. Chairman

Bobby Privette – Secretary

Rory Riff – Treasurer

Joe Cuce – Water & Sewer

Tom Grice – Grounds, Roads & Bridges

Sandy Schulze, Activities