Sept. 27th Deck Party

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2014 Covenant Change

If you haven’t already, you should be receiving a proposal to make a change to our Covenants.

It is the feeling of the Covenant Committee and the Board of Directors that a change is needed to help make future changes to our Covenants. At the present time, it takes a minimum of 145 affirmative votes to make a change. If the new change is approved it would require and affirmative vote of fifty-five (55%) of the total votes cast.

The Board of Directors cannot make a change to our Covenants, it takes a vote from the membership (owners).

Several “Sections” in our present Covenants limits what an owner can and cannot do with their property. Our Covenants need to be changed to bring them up to date. Once again, changes can only be made by an affirmative vote of the membership.

Whether you agree or disagree with the change we ask that you vote.

Thank You

Paradise Valley Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2015

William Maxwell – President

Kenneth Killgo – Vice President and

Architectural Comm. Chairman

Bobby Privette – Secretary

Rory Riff – Treasurer

Joe Cuce – Water & Sewer

Tom Grice – Grounds, Roads & Bridges

Sandy Schulze, Activities